When accompanying world-famous artists on tour, MR Audioworks has to adapt to all kinds of circumstances. Arenas, audiences and ideas from the stars themselves constantly bring about new challenges. We need to be bright and ingenious to rise to meet them. Setting up a stage and taking it down has to be done in record time. Transporting equipment over long distances can be a delicate operation. Each city and each country has its own special needs with regard to technical equipment and labor.

We exist purely to work in partnership with our clients to make their projects come to life.

we are constantly investing in cutting edge technology, we are continually developing ever more effective solutions, our sound, lighting and video teams work together, we find the best solutions to fit your budget and project scope, our teams’ professionalism and skill are the industry benchmark, we deliver as planned, no matter what.

We turn your ideas into reality and produce incomparable experiences while making each project unique.

Our clients make us who we are – a dedicated leader in technological innovation.  It is not just our goal, but our passion to work with our clients in a team environment creating solutions, overcoming challenges and exceeding project requirements.   Whether a project is modest or highly complex, we know that working together not only results in a project well done, but also gives us a new perspective and ultimately causes us to grow beyond ourselves in the development of new technology, applications and solutions.

Our fundamental principle at MR Audio Works has been:  exceptional customer service matched with masterful applications of technology.   Upholding this standard has allowed us to enjoy exceptional domestic success and has brought us evermore present on the international stage.  
Time and again our clients have told us they want to Grow, Evolve and Succeed.  Here at MR Audio Works, we are committed to Growing, Evolving and Succeeding right along with you.

To surpass every client’s expectations by continually striving to raise the standards of quality and creativity in the audio-visual and entertainment technical services industry worldwide.

MR Audio Works believes that by combining exceptional customer service with masterful applications of technology, we fulfill our mission.  Our strategy for maintaining our leadership position specifically includes:

  1. To continuously invest in the most state-of-the-art technology

  2. To fully integrate the work of our audio teams

  3. To constantly carry out research on the most advanced technical solutions

  4. To respect the budget and the scope of the project

  5. To honour our commitments

  6. To bring our client’s ideas to life in a highly creative and stimulating process

  7. To respect each project’s uniqueness.

Our philosophy is simple. We constantly strive to give our customers and their audiences the best sound possible. To achieve this we concentrate on listening to and understanding our customers. We then give them the best people and equipment that we can for the job.

All we do is live sound. We believe that it is this total concentration and dedication to our core activity that gives us the highest consistency of any sound company when it comes to delivering WORLD CLASS AUDIO


Welcome in The World Of  MR Audioworks